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Commission a Painting!


~Because you love what you do

~To celebrate a milestone in your training

~To honor a mentor

~As a gift for a friend or loved one in medicine

~To adorn your home, office or waiting room

~Because you have devoted yourself to caring for others and want to treat yourself

It is my pleasure to work with you to create a piece of art that is unique,

interesting, dynamic, personal and beautiful!


Please take a look at the testimonial page


What subjects will you paint?


I have an extensive background in head and neck anatomy

and specifically that of the skull base. However, I will entertain projects on any topic of human anatomy, physiology, histology, pathology, or surgical procedure. Research topics can be more challenging but don't hesitate to reach out with your ideas.


How long will it take?

2 to 5 months.

From the time that you are ready to begin the project it will take approximately 3-4 weeks for planning, research and contemplation. During this time we will discuss the size requirements, the color scheme, and materials etc. I will also be asking many questions in order to really understand what it is that you want. I will offer suggestions and might show some sketches or Photoshop files during this time.

After the initial planning phase the time frame will depend on size, subject matter, difficulty of the composition, painting style etc… I always give myself a minimum of two months for a painting and of course that could go up to 4 or 5 depending on my work load and your time requirements.


Visually, the work may look abstract...

but it is conceptual and is carefully considered from an anatomical and

physiological perspective.

I take pride in understanding the anatomy/physiology of a subject and rendering it (with some artistic license) accurately as well as artistically.


What is your academic/artistic background?

I have a BA in Studio Art with an emphasis in painting from Chatham College,

Pittsburgh, PA.  2006. (now Chatham University)


The unofficial:

Illustrations published in medical journals.

Paintings in collections across the US and internationally.

25+ years experience as an acrylic artist. 

Find out more about me on the "About" page


What are your prices?

Of course, every project is different and the level of detail and anatomical expertise will be taken into account when creating a proposal.

That said, here are some starting prices

11"x14"-    $900 

20"x24"-  $2600 

24"x36"-  $4900 

Please contact me to discuss pricing or to get started on a commission!

An added bonus to ownership of an original is that I offer a discount of 35% off of the canvas giclée reproductions to the owner of the painting.

What are the copyright guidelines?

I will retain all rights to the image which you commission. I will retain the right to make copies, prints, and all digital use ie. web and media advertising.

The collector (you) will own the painting but will acquire no rights for copyright.

If special rights are desired, a separate contract will be drafted and the fees will be based on the copyrights requested.  Some possibilities may include, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, book covers etc…

In no way and at no time is the collector allowed to reproduce the image for personal gain (including, but not limited to selling, gifting, reproduction for self) without gaining permission by contacting Penny at


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