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Collector's Comments

“Cochlea Suite”
12” x 12” 

acrylic and natural fibers on Hardbord™


"I decided to commission a series of paintings from Penny after seeing some of her other work. The whole process was very easy from start to finish. I had a general idea of what I wanted, and she was able to flesh it out into a detailed proposal that exactly captured what I was looking for. She delivered the paintings on time, beautifully finished and packaged securely for my cross country move. They are even better than I had hoped for. I have all of her paintings displayed prominently in my office and I love looking at them every day. 

Many people comment on how beautiful they are. What makes her paintings so different from anything else is her unique, artistic interpretation of medical images."


~ I have never seen any other artwork like hers!


Michele Hargreaves, MD

Jacksonville, FL



24" x 36" acrylic on canvas


"The experience of commissioning a painting with Penny was wonderful!  We started talking about ideas for the painting after I saw a beautiful piece she had done for a friend of mine in Pittsburgh.  The process flowed very naturally. She did a wonderful job of taking concrete, scientific ideas and images which I found beautiful and translating them into a creative, visually stunning piece of artwork.


~ I couldn't be happier with the end product......a painting I love!"


Aparna Kulkarni, MD

Houston, TX

Dear Penny,
I wanted to write and say

thank-you for the 3

wonderful block prints you

made for us.  We hoped for

a really special and unique gift to thank our audiology staff for their work, and your cochlear prints were just perfect! 

We had such a tight time frame and I really appreciated your work in developing something we would love and then sending it halfway around the world to us in time!  I have to admit, I was initially unsure about having prints made so far away, but you were so reliable and the artworks turned out better than I could have imagined!  The prints are just beautiful and we have had many wonderful comments.  


~ Most of all, the staff loved them! Wishing you all the best in your future work.


Michelle Thompson-Laing
Sydney, Australia

“Giving Voice”
54” x 60” 

acrylic on canvas


"How Penny does what she does still amazes me. I commissioned a painting in 2008.  I had very little idea what I wanted but knew what elements I wanted included. She came up with a visually stunning, thought provoking, one of a kind painting that I am so excited to show friends. 


~ I will definitely be commissioning Penny again in the future!"


Priya Krishna, MD

Loma Linda, CA

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