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"Match Day 2020"

"Match Day 2020"

acrylic on wood panel
12" x 24" 
This painting was commissioned by a family to surprise their son on match day as he furthers his medical training in Ear Nose Throat, (Otolaryngology). The piece depicts a cross section of the cochlea (ear), the ethmoid bone, anterior view (nose) and the trachea, anterior view (throat). This piece was made for Brian. The following are the characteristics of the painting that I feel specifically relate to him. 
I chose to utilize the woodgrain for the foundation of the piece because it is natural, organic, playful, flexible, and it lends dynamic movement to the composition- like flowing water. I also chose this because it is like a map, like a topographical depiction of the land. 
There is something charismatic and then even surreal, about the painting. The tension between the raised/floating/disembodied anatomy and the free flowing, colorful background hold the piece together, balancing it with a vibrational yin/yang, opposing yet complimenting one another. 
The darker undercurrent of the background lends a bit of seriousness to the piece; again part of the yin/yang. I know what the journey of residency is like (second hand) and the fulfillment of this dream to be a doctor carries with it serious commitments; particularly those of time, energy, love, passion, creativity and intellect.

  • Important Info About Prints!

    Shipping and Handling is computed during checkout based on size and weight of your order and location of delivery.

    Please Allow 2-3 weeks for print delivery! Each canvas is custom ordered. (I have some very limited stock choices). If you have a time constraint and would like them delivered ASAP, please contact me when you order. I will work with my printer to accomodate your needs!

    Our canvas giclée prints are the best in the industry! These are not the same as your local box store prints. The print file is painstakingly color matched to be identical to the original. They are then printed with inks that are tested to have 100+ years of life.

    Larger or non-standard sizes.  The canvas giclée prints may be ordered in proportional non-standard sizes. ie, an original with the dimensions of 24" x 36" may be ordered in a 14" x 21" if necessary. Contact me for ordering off-sizes!

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